He’s sported a lot of them over his career, which has drawn to a close. I’m just a mild soccer fan, but even I got nostalgic remembering where I was in my life during certain of his haircuts.

DAVID BECKHAM'S MANY HAIRDOSThe Guaridan’s captions are just as entertaining as the photos. The 2005 faux-hawk was “a bit of mousy ‘meh’ mess.” His 2010 boy band comeback look was “mullety at the back, quiffy at the front, and messy in between.”

We kicked the British’s ass in the Revolutionary War and have saved them numeous times since. Yet their journalists still rule.

It’s easy to poke fun at Beckham and his many ‘dos, but as I looked through these photos I found myself admiring his willingness to shake things up, to take some chances, to fail miserably, and then to rise again. Above all he kept soldiering on, always changing and never resting with any one look. His hair was like Madonna. All five of the Spice Girls with some special guest stars added in.

The 2003 cornrows were the prime example. He couldn’t quite pull them off but he came pretty close, and how many of us can say that? Cornrows on me would look more like alfalfa during the drought of ’87.